Making your work immortal: write and publish that research!


In the spirit of #AcWriMo this month, we thought we would put together a short list of resources to help boost creativity, productivity and general scholarly scribbling/typing. Good luck to everyone participating!


 Sit back with some popcorn and watch a ReCon Event talk on research tools and communication…

Bianca Kramer (@MsPhelps) & Jeroen Bosman (@jeroenbosman) gave a fascinating talk at the ReCon Event conference in Edinburgh in June 2016 entitled “Of shapes and style: visualising innovations in scholarly communication.” In their 101 innovations project, they surveyed over 20,000 researchers about scholarly communication research tools and the project charts the creation, availability and usage of research tools and analyses the patterns that emerge. >> Link to Video


Check out our list of ReCon Event videos from the previous three years, all available on YouTube and the ReConEvent website:

ReCon 2017

ReCon 2016

ReCon 2015

Crafting a manuscript

Ten simple rules for structuring papers

Mensh B, Kording K (2017) Ten simple rules for structuring papers. PLoS Comput Biol13(9): e1005619.

Download PDF: 10 simple rules for structuring papers journal.pcbi.1005619

Every scientist is a memory researcher: Suggestions for making research more memorable

Madan CR. Every scientist is a memory researcher: Suggestions for making research more memorable [version 1; referees: 1 approved, 2 approved with reservations]. F1000Research 2015, 4:19 (doi: 10.12688/f1000research.6053.1)

View article

Academic phrasebank via the University of Manchester

Peer review

collection of articles on peer review from eLIFE – September 2017

Peer Review: Decisions, decisions  – Peter Rodgers

Journals are exploring new approaches to peer review in order to reduce bias, increase transparency and respond to author preferences.

Peer Review: Consultative review is worth the wait – Stuart RF King

Editors, reviewers and authors share their experiences of consultative peer review at eLife.

Peer Review: To fund or not to fund? – Sarah Shailes

Funding agencies use many different criteria and peer review strategies to assess grant proposals.

Peer Review: Searching for the one – Helga Groll

The views of peers are important when applying for a faculty position, but so are research plans and being a good ‘fit’.

Peer Review: Rooting out bias – Bridget M Kuehn

Tackling unconscious bias is a major challenge for journals and the rest of the scientific community.


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