Every year in June we hold the Annual ReCon Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. The conference is designed specifically for early career researchers and we address a new theme each year ranging from how to publish your work through to peer review, metrics data visualisation and impact. The event is always fully booked with researchers from a range of disciplines and research institutes.

Our previous events include:

2017ReCon Conference –  Publishing for early career researchers: immortalisation, recognition & impact

2016ReCon Conference – Research communication and data visualisation

2016ReCon hackday – Data & information visualisation

2015ReCon Conference – Research in the 21st Century: data, analytics & impact

2015ReCon hackday – Scholarly communication hack

2014The Edinburgh Publishing Conference – – Disruption in the publishing industry: digital, analytics & the future

2013The Edinburgh Publishing Conference – Publishing: evolution, disruption & the future

2013 Open [access, data, source]: science & data in the 21st Century


Our speaker list (to date) is as follows:

ReCon 2017

  • Pablo De Castro, University of Strathclyde
  • Stuart Lawson, Birkbeck, University of London
  • Gemma Milne, Co-Founder of Science: Disrupt
  • Michael Markie, F1000
  • Anna Ritchie, Mendeley
  • Becky Douglas
  • Lewis MacKenzie
  • Rachel Lammey, CrossRef
  • Phill Jones, Digital Science
  • Charlie Rapple, Co-Founder, Kudos
  • Jean Liu, Product Development Manager, Altmetric
  • Nicola Osborne, EDINA
  • Laura Henderson, Frontiers

(Co-organisers: Joanna Young, Graham Steele, Jan Wessnitzer)

ReCon 2016

  • Geoffey Bilder, CrossRef
  • Jeroen Bosman, Utrecht University
  • Bianca Kramer, Utrecht University
  • Andrew Tattersall, University of Sheffield
  • Ian Calvert, Digital Science
  • Mike Jones, Mendeley Data
  • Dr Joanna Young, The Scientific Editing Company
  • Dr Cuna Ekmekcioglu, University of Edinburgh
  • Isaac Roseboom, deltaDNA
  • Rebecca Kaye, NumberTelling
  • Pawel Jancz, NumberTelling

(Co-organisers: Joanna Young, Graham Steele, Jan Wessnitzer)

ReCon 2015

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  • Steve Wheeler
  • Dr Ian Viney, Medical Research Council
  • Scott Edmunds, Executive Editor GigaScience
  • Euan Adie, Founder & CEO, Altmetric.com
  • Prof Stephen Curry
  • Peter Burnhill, Director of EDINA
  • Stephanie Dawson, CEO, ScienceOpen 
  • Anna Clements, University of St Andrews
  • Arfon Smith, Chief Scientist at Github
  • Martin Fenner, PLOS
  • Kaveh Bazargan, River Valley Technologies

(Co-organisers: Joanna Young, Graham Steele, Jan Wessnitzer)

EPC 2014

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(Co-organisers: Joanna Young, Graham Steele, Jan Wessnitzer, Rachel Willmer)

EPC 2013

(Co-organisers: Joanna Young, Graham Steele, Jan Wessnitzer, Rachel Willmer)

Open [access, data, source] 2013

  • Martin Eve, Open Library of Humanities
  • Eva Amsen, F1000Research
  • Jason Hoyt, PeerJ
  • Dominic Tate, University of Edinburgh
  • Heather Piwowar, Impact Story