Evolving & disrupting publishing: videos & blogs



It has now been two months since we held the popular Edinburgh Publishing Conference. We are delighted with the positive responses from the conference delegates and are already planning next year’s event, in addition to a couple of smaller events in between. We have compiled a list of talk videos and blog posts about the conference below.


Videos from the conference

If you missed the conference this year, or if you would like to watch some of the talks again, you can view them on YouTube. Videos of the talks (shot, edited, crafted and published by the talented Graham Steel) can be found via the links below:


  • Session 1: Open Information, Innovation & Communication: Making Publicly Funded Information Free
    • Cameron Neylon (PLOS): Publish or Perish? The profound shift in scholarly publishing and how the future looks YouTube link
    • Tom Pollard (Ubiquity Press): Are you being served? YouTube link
    • Matt Mckay (STM): To infinity and beyond YouTube link
    • Panel discussion: YouTube link
  • Session 2: From Gutenberg to Amazon and Beyond: The Evolving Modes of Publishing
    • Rachel Willmer (Luzme): Lean & Agile: what publishing can learn from startups YouTube link
    • Linda Gillard: Why I went indie (and why I’m staying indie) YouTube link
    • Mark Coker (Smashwords): 10 Trends Driving the Future of Publishing YouTube link
  • Session 3: Can Blogs, Apps and Newspapers Co-exist in Harmony?
    • Bill Jamieson (Scot-Buzz): Media: Digital or Death? YouTube link
    • Alex Porter (Scottish Times): Digital News: Trust and Profit. Opportunities & challenges for digital news outlets in a time of collapsing trust & revenues in traditional media YouTube link
    • Brendan Miles (The List): Digital Evolution – A List Survival Guide: One traditional publishers journey from print to digital and beyond YouTube link
    • Session 3 panel YouTube link


Blogs about the conference

We were also delighted that a number of delegates chose to blog about the publishing conference. Here is a list of blogs relating to the event, please let us know if we have missed any!



On 25th October we will be holding an afternoon event exploring open access and open data entitled, “Open [access, data, source]: science & data in the 21st century”. The event will be part of Open Access Week and will be held in the Informatics Forum at the University of Edinburgh. You can sign up for the (free) event here and we will announce more details soon.



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