Disruption in the Publishing Industry: Digital, Analytics & the Future



Registration: http://www.edinpubconf.net/

The publishing industry is now changing faster than ever before due to internet services, digital publishing, data analytics, free blogging platforms and print on demand business models. How will this continue to evolve in the future? Will the erosion of traditional publishing methods continue and how will publishing develop? What are the growing entrepreneurial opportunities in this dynamic industry?

The popular Disruption in the Publishing Industry conference is returning for a second year and will be held on 20th June 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The conference aims to address the questions above and we will be hearing from first rate speakers including Cory Doctorow (author), Ian Ritchie (entrepreneur), Timo Hannay (publishing company director) and John Gilbey (author). There will also be plenty of time for networking with the speakers and other delegates.

Last year’s conference was hugely successful and you can read a summary of it here, including comments from delegates. In addition, you can see videos of the talks from last year’s event and blog posts about it here. Over 200 people signed up to attend last June and several more watched the conference online. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to the 2014 conference and earlybird tickets are now available at:


Be quick though, half of them are already gone! We were delighted to welcome freelancers, writers, academics, publishing industry professionals, students, entrepreneurs, futurists and journalists last year, we hope that you can join us!





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